African Opal, Amazonite and Jasper Necklace

African Opal, Amazonite and Jasper Necklace

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In this necklace the sky meets the earth in a peaceful harmony. The play of shapes and textures make this piece an adventurous bit of boho fashion. The crystals used in this design will aid in helping you to nurture and protect yourself as well as create harmony within yourself and others. The soft muted tones and lush beaded tassel will add a feminine touch to your wardrobe. Handmade with love, this one of a kind, unique, fashion statement is a creation from Starr Phoenix Studio.

African Opal: It’s the supreme nurturer. It sustains and supports you through times of stress. It brings you tranquility and wholeness.

Jasper: This crystal provides protection, absorbs negative energy, balances yin yang energies, encourages honesty with yourself and provides you with the courage to tackle problems assertively. It’s a calming and soothing, purifying stone that encourages emotional healing, activates and stabilizes your heart chakra, and promotes inner peace. It also helps align the physical and light bodies. This crystal aids in emotional healing and clarity.

Amazonite: It facilitates harmony, truth and peace. This crystal helps to awaken your compassion. It can aid you in manifesting your dreams. Amazonite teaches you to speak your truth and make what you speak come true.

This is a continuous 31” long necklace with a 5 1/4” focal drop. Dangling from the center of the front, from a 8 x 6 mm sky blue crystal bead, hangs a 32 x 32 mm irregular  piece of African Opal and a light blue beaded tassel. The beaded front of this necklace consists of jasper and amazonite, with silver bali and white crystal spacers. The design is suspended from the back on a long silver toned chain.