African Opal and Red Jasper Necklace

African Opal and Red Jasper Necklace

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Get down to an earthy and tranquil vibe when you wear this handmade with love, one of a kind, unique, fashion statement creation from Starr Phoenix Studio natural Jasper necklace. With this combination of African Opal (a variety of blue Jasper), and Red Jasper, you'll reap all the benefits of adorning yourself with these crystals while sporting this fun and fashionable necklace. Ground and nurture yourself with style.


African Opal: It’s the supreme nurturer. It sustains and supports you through times of stress. It brings you tranquility and wholeness.

Red Jasper: It brings physical, strength, energy and stabilization of one’s energies. It’s wonderful when you need some extra support and to recover your physical strength. It strengthens your connection to the Earth, stabilizes your energy and also provides down to earth energy.

Jasper (in general): This crystal provides protection, absorbs negative energy, balances yin yang energies, encourages honesty with yourself and provides you with the courage to tackle problems assertively. It’s a calming and soothing, purifying stone that encourages emotional healing, activates and stabilizes your heart chakra, and promotes inner peace. It also helps align the physical and light bodies. This crystal aids in emotional healing and clarity.

This is a continuous 30" long necklace consisting of a brass chain with a red jasper and light blue agate beaded front section that's accented with aqua blue crystal and brass spacer beads. The front features a 4” drop with an African opal focal and a dusty rose suede tassel.