Antique Brass, Turquoise and Mountain Jade Necklace

Antique Brass, Turquoise and Mountain Jade Necklace

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Help protect yourself on your life's journey with this handmade with love, one of a kind, unique fashion statement creation from Starr Phoenix Studio. This piece is inspired by the ancients who traveled the silk road and wore turquoise for protection against bodily harm and evil. Go on an exotic adventure expressing your unique fashion style. Feel more balanced, wise and speak your truth while walking the tight rope of life when you wear this modern, yet timeless necklace.


Turquoise: Balance, wisdom, truth, beneficial to overall well-being, protection, talisman of luck, success, ambition and creativity.

Mountain Jade: Balance in life, aids with dream recall, serenity and actualization of your thoughts.


This necklace is 30" long, has a brass chain with a 2" extension, lobster clasp closure with bronze like coin sunburst beads embellished with red and turquoise details. The front of the necklace containsĀ  a lively, contrasting array of red mountain jade, black crystals, bronze rondelles and brass spacer beads. This piece terminates into a 5" drop featuring a 10 x18 mm turquoise squash bead with a 3" antique brass and black chain tassel hanging from the bottom of it.