Burgundy Druzy Drop Continuous Gold Tone Necklace

Burgundy Druzy Drop Continuous Gold Tone Necklace

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Handmade Statement Fashion Continuous 35" Long Chain Necklace with a Burgundy Druzy Drop 1 3/4" X 1 1/2" Pendant.

This is a unique, one of a kind Starr Phoenix Studio creation to wear equally well in the boardroom or a night out on the town.


The metaphysical properties of this necklace are: The Druzy focal stone has the properties of brightening its owner's feelings. It's filled with joy and light, helping to remind you to enjoy life! This crystal improves unity and power with others. It's great to use when you need to harmonize a group towards a common goal, thus a great choice to wear for team leaders. Druzy can enhance your mental agility and help you to overcome difficulties. It's a good choice when you want to strengthen your will and confidence. It amplifies and supports peak performance when you need to do your best in important situations. It's a great amulet for those who need to consistently achieve outstanding results.


A long brass chain is embellished in the front with large 10 mm glass crystal beads, smaller black ones, (they look more blue in the pictures) and golden ones too. A enchanting, sparkly, Druzy pendant is the focal point of this piece, making it glimmer with a sophisticated allure, yet is just a little rough to give it some edge.


Treat your Druzy stones with care. Despite their high hardness rating, they are delicate and can break if they're knocked and banged around.Also avoid harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners. Use a soft dry cloth to gently wipe and clean them.