Mother to Be Necklace

Mother to Be Necklace

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This is a unique Starr Phoenix Studio creation.

This necklace contains healing crystals that are used during pregnancy. It's a safe and gentle way to protect against and alleviate ailments of the body and mind, especially during a typical pregnancy.

Many women experience increased feelings of awareness and spirituality when pregnant. Also their senses and intuition are often heightened. There is an increased connection with one’s body, and the new baby being created within.

Below please find a list of the different gemstones used to create this necklace for you,  and their purported healing properties. May wearing this piece of jewelry bring peace, calm, tranquility, good health and protection to you and your new baby. My intentions are for it to make you feel happy and fashionable while wearing it too!


  •  Moonstone: It’s the gemstone of new beginnings. It is regarded as one of the best all around crystals for healing during pregnancy. It is known to bring harmony and good fortune. It imparts relationship benefits that are important when staring a new family. It’s healing benefits include digestive and reproductive well being, elimination of toxins and fluid retention, improved skin, hair and complexion. It’s considered to be one of the best gemstones for improving fertility, conception and has many benefits throughout pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding.
  • Amazonite: It’s great for reducing muscle cramps during pregnancy.
  • Carnelian- It’s known to aid labour and delivery, helps to calm and remove anxiety.
  • Hematite: It’s popular for helping to alleviate muscle cramps.
  • Labradorite: It’s popular to help lower high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • Rose Quartz: It’s a great healing stone to use during pregnancy and is known to reduce swelling and hypertension.
  • Turquoise: Many use it to protect the unborn baby and also help reduce Brackston Hicks contractions.


Handmade with love, this is a 32" long continuous necklace featuring a multi gemstones, a brass rolo chain with a 5" drop consisting of a lamp worked bead, a turquoise focal bead and a brass chain/ moonstone tassel.