Rose Quartz 18" Statement Collar Necklace

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Surround yourself with the energy of love while getting in touch with the core of your heart when you adorn yourself with this unique, handmade, made with love, one of a kind Starr Phoenix Studio fashion statement necklace.

Benefits of Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz is the quintessential stone of love. It’s one of the most important crystals for one to wear. It helps create a gentle energy of love and keeps interactions with others in a high state of harmony.

Ideal to give as a talisman of love. When a gift of Rose Quartz is made, an unspoken appreciation reverberates through the universe as boundaries are softened and dissolved. Rose Quarts energy helps the heart unfold into a Lotus made of a thousand petals of light.

Share the Love with yourself and others!


Hand made, one of a kind 18” collar necklace made of rose quartz, featuring white glass pearls, brass accents and chain with a lobster clasp closure.